Ready for your long flight?

Traveling internationally can be somewhat intimidating if you haven’t done it often. And even if you have you still need to be prepared. I have traveled flights from 2- 17 hours and as I write, I am waiting to board an 18 minute flight! What? Yep! They just announced it will be 18 minutes. I think I could have driven there faster!

The first thing I do when traveling internationally is to check out the planes and if I am not able to afford the upgraded seats I try to select a flight that has seating with just two seats on the side. The price of this flight may be slightly more, but it is worth the money. It is always more comfortable and getting up and down is much easier. Just have to keep in mind that planes can change, but typically, they stick with the same seat configuration.

Getting ready for the flight I always have some tried and trues in my carry on “personal” bag, which is usually a tote or backpack and some hints for inflight as well.

  • My own technology! Pack your own device with movies already downloaded just in case your seat TV is out of order! Nothing can be more disappointing. Include your own earbuds and extra external battery. Some flights do have plugs, but not all work!
  • Neck pillow, eye mask and blanket. These are often provided on most international flights, however, having my own I have found I have even used it at my destination to catch up on some sleep or if my flight has a long connection or delay I have it with me.
  • Bring some healthy snacks. Again, you will receive snacks, but not always healthy. Stay away from carbs that will add further fatigue to your vacation.
  • Take the time to rest. Even if you don’t fall completely asleep, close your eyes and rest.
  • Get up! Take a short stroll around the cabin to keep your blood flowing.
  • Pack personal items such as toothbrush and other items to stay refreshed. Sometimes a change of clothing is needed as well for a longer flight.

These are just a few things to keep in mind to get you started. Check with your Travel Planner for some more ideas to make traveling long distances a breeze!

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