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What happens when everything is just not perfect on your vacation?

Traveling can be fun, but it also can have hiccups along the way. The first thing you should remember is that unfortunate hiccups don’t have to ruin a trip if you don’t let them. There are things in life that we just sometimes cannot control, but approaching it with solutions can help ease any disappointment.

Before you go, be prepared. Your travel planner will help you to know what documents you need and general expectations of your trip. Make copies of the documents, and keep them with relatives or friends that can be easily contacted should you need them. Call credit card companies if you are traveling out of the country so you won’t get caught not being able to use your credit card. Always purchase a good trip insurance policy.

Travel delays and cancellations. They are bound to happen at some point in your life time of travel. Travel Insurance is your savior in this situation. By purchasing travel insurance many of the policies have trip delay or even cancellation. Often this includes loss of excursions or tours you may have booked during the time you are now not going to be there. Depending on your policy, you may recover this loss.

Resort/ Hotel issues. Your travel planner can advise you here, but your first line of defense is discussing your issues with the Front Desk Manager or Hotel Manager. There are few things that happen that can’t be resolved. Approach the situation to bring resolution, not to just get something for free. Things happen, rooms are not made up on time, a maid forgot to leave more water, room service was running slow, etc. Always keep the details with you; names of who you spoke to, times and dates. Your travel planner can sometimes advocate for you when you have this information, but it always easiest to resolve in person.

Weather. Well none of us can predict the weather when planning a trip. Be prepared by checking the forecast as your date approaches. You can make some adjustments to excursions, and tours, but for the most part I would stick with your plans. If you should encounter a major weather issue your travel planner can help you navigate through it. Keep their number close at hand.

Travel well, be prepared, and don’t let any issues get you down.

Establishing a 5 Year Vacation Plan. Really?

We all have plans or at least we should. When we are young and finishing High School, we set out our plans for college, and getting the right degree so we can start an awesome career. Then we thinking about getting married, and go through the planning and we think about our lives together with our spouse. We ask questions like, when do we want to purchase a home, start a family, retire? We get awesome jobs and we set goals for success. Then we have children and set goals for their lives – milestones that will help them become independent. Let’s face it – our lives are a series of planning and setting goals then striving to meet them.

So, why not establish a vacation plan? How many times have you turned the corner of another year and said, “I wish I had the budget to take a cruise” or “ I wish I would have thought of this sooner so there was availability where I wanted to go.” A vacation plan can help eliminate the stress of last minute planning. It is even more important these days to plan out your time of disconnecting from the everyday, relaxing, reconnecting with your family or friends, and going to places that will help your accomplish just that.

Here are some steps that you can share with your travel planner that will help you establish your 5 year vacation plan.

  1. Share with your travel planner some of your favorite things you and your family like to do on vacation. Do you like to swim, hike, visit historic locations, fish, etc.?
  2. Think about the best time for you to travel during the year. Some vacations may require to travel during months you might not think of and may need to do some creative scheduling.
  3. Make a list of places that you may consider” Bucket List” travel. Going on a cruise, visiting an island, visit your favorite Disney Destination, or going to another country.
  4. Establish a 3 – 5 year vacation budget and share it with your travel planner so they can begin to research the best packages. Many times certain vacations can be planned in advance which will help with the budget.
  5. Lay out a Vacation Calendar with your Travel Planner and beginning dreaming of awesome vacations!

Establishing your vacation goals relieves the stress of last minute decisions, not having enough money to go where you want to go, and just settling for another visit to the same old location you go every year.

Must Love Travel Group specializes in planning awesome vacations across the globe! Contact your Travel Planner and start your 5 Year Vacation Plan today!

Tips for Wine Tastings in Napa Valley

With a growing interest in specialized trips surrounding the interests of couples finding the right Travel Consultant is a must.  You need someone that understands what you’re looking for, whether it includes volunteering your time while on vacation, cooking courses, or expanding your palates with tasting experiences, the right Consultant will be able to assist you with these needs.

If wine tasting is one of your interests, I wanted to pass along some tips that my husband and I have learned from long weekend getaways to Napa Valley.  I hope you’ll find these helpful and I look forward to helping you with an something you’ve always wanted to experience!

1. You can basically expect the winery hours to be 9 – 5pm…they are not open late into the evening.

2. Most small wineries (and these are NUMEROUS) offer tastings by appointment only.

3. If you’re driving, consider having a designated driver or being cognizant of the amount of alcohol you are imbibing on your tastings. Be sure you’ve had a good meal before your tastings, there’s NO excuse for drunk driving. You can also simply avoid this issue all together by letting me book your on a wine tour. Everything from small group to private tours are available. It all depends on the type of experience you’re looking for and the budget you have.

4. Multiple tastings can add up, so be sure to agree on a budget before you head out. The average tasting fees can run from $15 – $60 per person depending on the type of tastings (Reserve wines vs. everyday) the vintner etc.

5. If you plan on purchasing bottles, be sure that you have a way to get them safely back in your luggage. Most wineries or stores in the area will have bubble skins that you can buy or you can ask the winery about shipping rates. They can be quite reasonable, especially if you are considering the purchase of a couple bottles.

6. Many wineries will waive a tasting fee if you purchase a couple bottles or join their wine club.

7. If you don’t know a lot about wine, just be honest with them. A good winery will be more than happy to help you with explanations of what you can expect etc. and share information about their wines.


Blogger, Traveler, Wife, Runner….I’m known as many different things.  But I’m here to be your Travel Professional.  Ever since I was a little girl I had an interest in travel. I would collect the postcards books that my grandparents brought back to me from their travels and I kept them in a special box that I loved to pull out and flip through. As I traveled with my family I started collecting postcards on my own and pictures, maps, and other mementos of my travels.

Believe it or not, I still have those postcards and every once in awhile I’ll bring them out and flip through smiling at the memories they bring back. Although I might not collect postcards anymore I collect photos, stories and information on my travels. I love to soak up a destination, reveling in the local food life. I absolutely love sharing my travel stories, foodie moments and special encounters.
(321) 323 – 9835

Destination — Cancun, Mexico

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico, Cancun attracts about four million visitors each year to its pristine white beaches, its top-notch resort and hotel scene and its crystal blue water. The city is home to hundreds of hotels that line the beaches in an area called the hotel zone, attracting all types of guests, from traveling business people to timeshare owners to families. The city is probably most famous for its Mayan ruins, which dot the landscape around this southern region of Mexico. From El Rey to Tulum, the ancient stone remains are unique archaeological attractions that tell the original story of the now bustling modern city. Many people also visit the area for its great dive sites. Colorful coral reefs and diverse sea life are located right offshore, and a variety of inland cenotes (deep natural wells) attract diving enthusiasts to explore the rich underwater worlds of Cancun.

Couples looking for a luxury wedding or a spicy celebration bursting with entertainment will find what they want in Cancun. Convenient to travel to from origins throughout the U.S., Cancun was designed with the needs of a tourist in mind, which makes it easy to design a dream wedding experience. Including a traditional Mariachi trio during the destination wedding cocktail hour adds a beautiful and soulful soundtrack to make sure guests never forget their incredible experience. Or hosting the reception at sunset on a catamaran allows guests to enjoy the wedding and a breathtaking Mexican sunset at the same time.


Destination Quick Facts:

  • U.S. travelers: Valid passport needed for entry
  • Official language: Spanish (English is widely spoken)
  • Official currency: Mexican peso (American dollars are widely accepted)
  • Climate: From October to March, average temperature is 68-86° F and from April to September, average temperature is 75-91° F
  • Currency converter
  • STEP Program
  • Mexico entry requirements

Now is the time to plan your Holiday 2018 Vacation!

As most of you read this today, you are in the the middle of the busiest holiday season of the year! Christmas and New Years. If you aren’t one of those people that like to vacation for the holiday’s I would like to propose the idea for 2018! You may be in the heat of the holiday and are asking yourself why I would suggest that vacation during the holiday next year. That is a great question! Let me see if I could shed some light for you weary of the thought.

A holiday vacation can relieve stress. Yes, I said relieve stress! Your planning is done in advance and it won’t be necessary for any last minute decisions. Your travel planner will help select the best location and you block the time and set it up and that easily your holiday plans are in motion!

Your Holiday budget! Your can budget more effectively as the expense on your trip can spread throughout the year by making payments along the way. Then your trip is paid off and with the exception of a few incidentals, you are paid up and ready to enjoy! You may even eliminate a few of those extra last minute expenses we find ourselves with close to the holidays.

Spending more quality time together is a great family advantage. Whether you choose to travel with your immediate family or extended family not worrying about all the preparation at home and who is hosting this year – you can all enjoy the relaxation and no one will have to do dishes!

Discover cultural traditions. Is your family heritage from Germany? Wouldn’t it be great to head to Munich and walk through the Marienplatz and drink mulled wine and check out the Christmas Market place, or are the kids young and dream of seeing Mickey and Minnie? Try the Very Merrytime Disney Cruise. This is great trip for Multi-generational travel. Or maybe you just want to check out holiday in the sun! Travel to the islands or Mexico and soak it all in!

Christmas is everywhere, from Finland, to Mexico, Orlando to England. You can go cold or warm, the traditions of Christmas can be yours to explore, while you create new memories and possibly a tradition or two of your own!

Packing Tips for the Carefree Romantic Getaway

The hardest part about a trip for me is the packing and the pre planning! Especially for a destination or resort I have never been before. So I wanted to share just a few things with you today to assist you in your packing for your romantic getaway!

Destinations such as All- Inclusive Resorts and Cruises are great for romantic getaways and require a similar packing list. You are headed to warmer climate, will spend a lot of time relaxing and sunning, and then have dining to plan for. Pretty simple right? Well, then there is the question – how dressy?

Below are just a few things to take in consideration when preparing and packing for your trip.

Luggage: Don’t try to cram everything for the both of you in one large suitcase! I have see far too many couples stuck with baggage weight over charges that far exceed the cost of paying for one checked bag per person. Generally this cost is approx. $25.00 per bag each way. I have seen overcharges one way exceed $150- $200. 50lbs is your usual weight limit so invest in luggage scale that you can find just about anywhere to weigh your luggage prior to travel. Never fill it the 50 lbs on your scale just incase it is off a few pounds. Most airlines allow you to bring one personal item and 1 carry on with you on the plane. Make use of this for some extras and especially for the items you will be purchasing at your destination.

Tote Bags: Bring a medium sized tote bag in your luggage to handle items you will be carrying to the pool, beach or on excursions. These totes should be ones that are lightweight and lay flat in your luggage. They also come in handy if you indeed have too many things to carry back home and need just a little more space.

Purses: For women this may be a tough choice. We have cell phones, identification and personal items that you need to bring with you, but not necessarily always carry with you. A cross body purse is your best option. It may not look the best with your dress, but will come in handy when you want to go to dinner and dance afterwards or if you are on an excursion and want your hands free. Clutch purses or satchel styles leave you open to forget them and are cumbersome to carry.

Clothes: Most days you will be in Swimwear during the day. So bring a few bathing suites and a nice cover up for ladies and t-shirt for men when you want to walk around the resort or ship. Cover-ups and t-shirts are required at any dining location as well. A few short outfits for walking, non-water excursions and daytime dining. Evening Dining can range from resort casual to dressy. So for men, always check with your travel agent if any of the locations require a jacket and tie. There are some ships and resorts that do require this. Ladies, simple cocktail dresses or that famous little black dress with great jewelry will be perfect. Long formal gowns are not typical, but always double check with our travel agent to be sure. Appropriate footwear for the outfit is required – but don’t over do it. You don’t need a pair of shoes for every outfit, so consider a nice dress sandal for ladies that will go with everything and nice dress loafer for men. Bring sandals for the daytime and tennis shoes if you want for walking and time at the gym. Don’t over due the variety of clothes you need and bring things such as bottoms that can be worn again with another top/shirt.

Personal care: Most resorts/ships will have blow dryers, shampoo and conditioner so you don’t need to stuff those things in the bag. Ladies, you can limit your cosmetics to a few of the must have items. Remember to bring small sizes 3 oz or under for all liquids. Sunscreen is a must!

Medications: All medications that you bring should be in the original container clearly marked with what it is. It is also good if you are on regularly required medication to get an extra prescription from your doctor to carry just in case.

Lastly, you are on vacation right? Well if you are scheduled to arrive early to your destination through in your bathing suite or a change of clothes as your room may not be ready yet and you will be sure to what to start drenching yourself in all the fabulous sunshine!

So you want a romantic getaway

The ocean is quietly rumbling toward the shore as the sun rises over the Gulf of Mexico. The birds are talking their language to one another as they show off their bright colorful coats. The workers are quietly getting the pool area and all the gardens with precise detail. Perfection! Is there such a place? Yes! A true romantic getaway!

This week I have been staying at the El Dorado Casitas Royale in Mexico. Our room, the Infinity Pool Swim up suite the perfect indulgence for a quiet time away from the everyday life. Staying in this section of the resort your room is in a U shaped section that has its own swim up pool and bar. This section also hosts a small cafe for sandwiches and various shakes. Your room has its own pool with access to the lazy river that will take you to the main pool and bar and not to mention just short steps away from the beach where you can relax in a cabana or beach lounger. You Beach/Pool Butler will be attending to whatever you need.

The Karisma resorts are award winning Gourmet Inclusive resorts. From excellent gourmet food, premium drinks, activities and especially the personalized service you can expect when staying at any of their resorts. Fresh vegetable and spices are grown in their own 70,000 square foot greenhouse located at the El Dorado Royale. There is a variety of 15 dining locations and 24 room service so you are sure to never go hungry. Two of our favorites were Kampai and D’Italia. They also feature Fuentes which is a culinary theater. Activities and entertainment are also available if you want to mix and mingle about.

So here is the question……You want to go on a romantic getaway, but how do you choose? There are so many different resorts and destinations that it does make it difficult to choose. I look at the brand first. What do the brands offer? Are there hidden fees? What level of service do you receive? You typically have consistency throughout a brand. Like Disney Destinations, something we are all familiar with, you can see that whether you go to Disneyland or Walt Disney World you will have some consistency in the level of service and what the brand has to offer. There may be some differences just because of location, but overall they are similar. The same is for the various all inclusive or in Karisma’s case, gourmet inclusive brands. You will see similarities in all Sandals, Excellence Resorts, Palace Resorts, Secrets, and so on. Also, look for adult only resorts for romantic getaways. When planning romance – adult only is the way to go!

Budget is usually pretty high on the list when picking out a resort and destination. Be willing to pay a little more to receive more. You can save on such things as room category or go during low season such as Oct., Nov. and early Dec. Nothing can be worse than spending money on something and the experience doesn’t match up. Plan ahead! There is a time and place for last minute getaways, but when you are planning your honeymoon, anniversary or just that special getaway plan early! This will allow you to deposit your trip and pay a little bit along the way. Planning ahead allows you to stretch the budget a bit to get what you want. Destinations such as Mexico, Punta Cana and Jamaica are usually the most cost effective when looking at airfare and resort packages.

Consider going with a group. You may receive a discount when traveling with a group. Talk it up with your friends or family! It takes 5 – 10 rooms to create a typical group. You can check with your travel planner about those possibilities. Groups make it fun and yet you still have alone time .

When you are away, you will know what it means to relax and enjoy! All- Inclusive is a no worries vacation. Don’t just search the internet though. Work with a travel professional so you will be sure to get the perfect resort and destination. They are there to guide you, answer questions and be your advocate.

If you haven’t experienced an “adult” time away you need to! Destination Weddings, Honeymoons, Anniversary or just because ….you choose the reason and let us help make it happen!

A Quick Trip to Napa….Thoughts on Making the Most out of the Least Amount of Time

Let’s say you find yourself on the West Coast in San Francisco with a little extra free time. It happened to my husband and I recently…he was traveling for business and I was able to accompany him. Unexpectedly, we found ourselves with a free afternoon and decided to take the quick drive up to Napa Valley.
Personally, we much prefer the smaller wineries to the larger names. We feel the experience is more personalized and we enjoy the atmosphere more. There is certainly nothing wrong with Mondavi Winery (they have beautiful grounds and I highly suggest a visit) or Sterling or Stag’s Leap etc. but the smaller wineries tend to cater more to you, be able to dedicate more time to your questions and overall, I guess I just find the depth of the wines we taste seem better. It’s all up to personal preference though really.
Because this was last minute, we weren’t able to make appointments for private tastings, but we had read about Michael Hill Winery and the terrific experience people had had, so we booked a tasting online. The form allowed you to specify your preferences if you had any, tell them if you had recently visited wine regions etc. I noted that one of our favorite wines right now was Sauvignon Blanc, that we loved full body reds and we were picky about our Chardonnays (we don’t prefer the typical buttery flavor of Chardonnay).
Upon arrival we were greeted and immediately offered a glass of Sauvignon Blanc each, while the staff told us about the winery and what type of options they offered for the tastings. We chose to go with a Reserve Wine tasting which paired some food with their Reserve Wines. These are wines that are only available for purchase at the winery or through their wine club. The staff invited us to walk around the vines, showing us where they had marked some good vantage points for pictures and then invited us to take a seat out at the Adirondack chairs for a view of the valley while they prepared our tasting.

We couldn’t have been happier with this choice. The staff checked on us frequently enough to be sure that we were well taken care of, but not so frequently as to be annoying. By spacing their appointments, the area was not crowded but we were able to chat with some other couples that were there.

The wines were exquisite, with a depth of flavor that you don’t always find. Knowing our feelings about Chardonnay, the staff chose one for us to try that was more acidic and preferred by Sauvignon Blanc drinkers, then we progressed into some reds. The tasting was complemented by dried tart cherries, salt and vinegar nuts and a goat’s cheese. Yum!
I highly recommend checking out this winery if you’re in the area. You can easily make an appointment online, the staff are knowledgeable and friendly, and you can’t go wrong with their wine.
Keep an eye out for my St. Clair Brown post, we returned to one our favorites there!


Blogger, Traveler, Wife, Runner….I’m known as many different things.  But I’m here to be your Travel Professional.  Ever since I was a little girl I had an interest in travel. I would collect the postcards books that my grandparents brought back to me from their travels and I kept them in a special box that I loved to pull out and flip through. As I traveled with my family I started collecting postcards on my own and pictures, maps, and other mementos of my travels.

Believe it or not, I still have those postcards and every once in awhile I’ll bring them out and flip through smiling at the memories they bring back. Although I might not collect postcards anymore I collect photos, stories and information on my travels. I love to soak up a destination, reveling in the local food life. I absolutely love sharing my travel stories, foodie moments and special encounters.

Princess Cruise Line Cyber Sale!

Looking for a great cruise deal then look no further, Princess Cruise Line is running a fantastic Cyber Sale deal.  The offer will end on November 29 so you will want to contact an agent soon to take advantage of this sale.  The sale gives you two options to choose from so you can pick the one that best suits your traveling schedule.

The first is called “Sail Soon”.  With this deal you can sail from this winter of 2017 through Spring 2018 and will save up to $1,000 per stateroom.  The second is called “Sail Later”.  This gives you the option to cruise from Summer 2018 through Spring 2019 and everyone in a stateroom would enjoy a free stateroom location upgrade, free gratuities on select services and free onboard spending money up to $500 per stateroom.

Looking for a great Christmas present for your family, why not give them the gift of a Princess Cruise!  There is so much to enjoy such as movies under the stars, theater style productions, expansive spas and fitness facilities, kid’s clubs, casinos, discos, night clubs and a mix of culinary themed restaurants.

Princess is the first line in the Carnival Corporation fleet to introduce the Ocean Medallion.  Seven ships will be outfitted with this technology.  The device which was created by innovator, John Padgett who created Disney’s Magic bands.  This wearable disc will serve as a virtual concierge which can be used to book shore excursions, order food to be delivered poolside, locate friends and family throughout the ship and streamline embarkation and debarkation and much more.

With the Cyber Sale that is going on now there has never been a better time to plan your family cruise!

Don’t Be THAT Person on the Airplane | Tips for Travel Etiquette

With Holiday Travel about to hit full swing I thought I would share some tips for travel etiquette.  Travel can be stressful for people who don’t travel frequently, especially during the busy holiday season.  For those of us that do travel often, our tempers can run high because we are impatient with others.  I hope this article will make you laugh, sigh, and provide you with a little insight into airplane etiquette.

At one point or another, you’ve probably all sat next to THAT person on the airplane. I recently had the chance to join my husband while he traveled on business and was just so overwhelmed by the amount of rudeness etc. that I just wanted to share some travel etiquette with you.
Perhaps people don’t travel often or perhaps in this day and age, they simply don’t think about their fellow passengers like they should. Let’s step outside ourselves for a moment though and think about how to be considerate when you travel.

1. When you board your aircraft…please, stow your smaller bags like purses and backpacks under the seat in front of you. Many people bring rollerboards onboard these days as carry-on and you really should be leaving the overhead bin for them. If you have an empty seat between you and someone else, don’t assume that you should just go ahead and use that tray table and area for yourself.

2. Don’t take your shoes off and keep your feet in your seat area….this isn’t your hotel room or your personal house, you are sharing with strangers that probably don’t want want your feet by them. Going along with that….don’t put your feet up on the bulkhead..again, be considerate of people around you. It’s just rude.  And PLEASE….put your shoes back on before you go the airplane lavatory….as a flight attendant friend likes to say, “That’s not apple juice on the floor!”

3. Pay attention in security screening areas….listen to what TSA is telling you. Everyone is trying to get where they are going with minimal hassle. If you’re unsure of procedure, ask before you get in line, read the website before you leave for the airport, educate yourself. Nothing is more annoying than being stuck behind the person who has the bottle of water in their bag, the change in their pocket, etc. Because they simply didn’t pay attention and now they are holding up the line.

4. Everyone will get served on the flight…for no reason should you feel it’s necessary to reach into the flight attendant’s cart and help yourself. Nor should you really feel the need to ask for 6 bags of pretzels for yourself. Seriously, I watched this happen on my flight….I was incredulous.

5. Just be polite….we all have bad days, we’re all trying to get someplace….remember to just be nice. It will make the journey go faster.

Flight resources:
Your airline’s website FAQ’s
TSA’s website
State Department’s Travel Page

I’m always happy to chat with you about travel and questions you might have so feel free to contact me at or call direct at (321) 323-9835.


Blogger, Traveler, Wife, Runner….I’m known as many different things.  But I’m here to be your Travel Professional.  Ever since I was a little girl I had an interest in travel. I would collect the postcards books that my grandparents brought back to me from their travels and I kept them in a special box that I loved to pull out and flip through. As I traveled with my family I started collecting postcards on my own and pictures, maps, and other mementos of my travels.

Believe it or not, I still have those postcards and every once in awhile I’ll bring them out and flip through smiling at the memories they bring back. Although I might not collect postcards anymore I collect photos, stories and information on my travels. I love to soak up a destination, reveling in the local food life. I absolutely love sharing my travel stories, foodie moments and special encounters.

Best Cruise Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Next Cruise!

A cruise is a wonderful and relaxing getaway. Here are some tips to make your next cruise even better!


Keep what you need for your first day in your carry-on

A wonderful perk with cruising is that typically you drop off your bags upon arrival and your cruise line will take care of delivering them to your cabin for you. This is a great convenience and allows you to enjoy exploring the ship without being weighed down with all your luggage. However, it can take awhile until you get your bags back, often you may not see your bags until that evening. With this in mind it is smart to plan ahead and pack anything you may want with you for that first day in your carry-on bag. Examples of some items you may want to have might be a change of clothes, your swimsuit to enjoy the pool, chargers, any medicines you may need, sunscreen, ect.


Depending on your Cruise Line’s regulations, some ships do allow you to bring a certain amount of alcohol onboard. Usually up to 2 bottles of wine are allowed per cabin. Bringing your own beverages to enjoy in your cabin can save you a significant amount on your bar tab. Passengers typically pick up their bottles at their arrival airport’s duty-free shop. Pack your bottles in your carry-on and you will get through security with no problems. You can check on your Cruise Line’s website or ask your travel agent to find out the exact alcohol regulations for your specific cruise ship.

Consider the Late Dining Seating

If excursions are important to you and your party you may want to consider requesting the late dining seating. This is important because the shore excursions often do not make it back in time and could conflict with the early seating. You wouldn’t want to miss out on your dinner! If the late dining option is something you want be sure to request it or tell your travel agent as soon as possible to guarantee your spot.

Bring it with you!

Everyone knows to pack any medications or toiletries that you use on a daily basis but it is also important to pack those “just in case” items. For example, allergy pills, Advil, motion sickness medications, additional sunscreen, ect. Many people like to just pack what they know they will need and say that anything else they will just buy on the ship. However, toiletries and medicines like these can cost up to 10 times more on the ship. That’s why we strongly recommend bringing these items yourself. They don’t take up that much extra room in your suitcase and if needed you will be happy you already have it and don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it.

Don’t Miss the Boat! – Literally!

Many travelers plan on arriving to port the day their cruise vacation begins. However, it’s important to plan ahead for the unexpected. If you are flying in from out of town, what if your flight is delayed? What if there is traffic? Unlike other vacations when you know your hotel will be there whenever you get there, with a cruise your ship may sail without you. For this reason, it is a good idea to consider arriving the day before and spending the night at a hotel near your port. This can make the start of your vacation much more relaxed and stress-free not having to rush and possibly missing your cruise.

Hope these simple tips help you in making your next cruise more even enjoyable! Happy cruising!


Packing Tips For Your Next Cruise

Going on a cruise vacation is an exciting adventure! You and your traveling party have an experience ahead of you full of discovery and relaxation! With your Must Love Travel agent handling all your travel details all you have to do is sit back, enjoy and of course pack your suitcase! Today we are going to look at a few key points to keep in mind to make the process of packing for your next cruise easy and fun!


A lot of what you pack for your upcoming cruise should be based on where you are headed. Are you experiencing the breathtaking wildlife of Alaska? Or will you and your family be soaking up the sun on a beach in the beautiful Caribbean?  These two destinations are examples of very different climates. It’s important to research prior to packing your clothing what the weather will be like during your cruise so you know what to prepare for. You can always turn to your Must Love Travel agent for advice. With our agents experience and vast knowledge of many destinations they can give you great input on this matter.


Just In Case

We have all heard the classic saying, “It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.” These are wise words to keep in mind when packing. For example; it can be smart to pack additional toiletry items such as medications, allergy relief and first aid products. You never know when you might be in a situation that one of these items could come in handy.  Another ‘just in case item’ might be a light sweatshirt jacket. Even if your heading to a sunny, tropical destination it’s important to avoid only packing shorts and tee shirts. You should always prepare for if it might be breezy sitting out on the rooftop deck one evening, or if the AC is on high in the dining hall. A light jacket is always great to just have on hand.


Dress Codes

It’s important to research or ask your agent about any dress codes that might be present on your ship or at certain onboard restaurants you plan on dining at. Some restaurants have a formal attire dress code. Being aware of any policies will help you chose what outfits to bring. Another item to pack for your cruise is a pair of sneakers. I know personally I love to live in my flip-flops when on vacation! However, when cruising some activities or excursions require appropriate closed-toe footwear. Bringing along your favorite sneakers is a smart choice to guarantee you will be able to participate in all events and activities.



Some cruise lines have limits on how many luggage bags you can bring and restriction on the size and dimensions of your bags. Being aware of this and checking the size of your suitcase at home prior to arriving for your cruise will save you a lot of time and hassle at the port. It’s also crucial to be aware of any restricted items that are not allowed on the ship. You don’t want to risk having any of your items confiscated by the cruise line. You can find information on what you can and can not bring on your cruise line’s website or by asking your agent.


Don’t Over-Pack

This is a great tip for whatever kind of trip you are going on. Make sure you have just what you need and try to avoid over-packing. Think about what you will absolutely need and stick with the basics. Travelers typically always return with more items than they depart with. You want to leave extra room in your suitcase to be able to bring home souvenirs and gifts!


Stick with these guidelines and you will be a packing pro for your next cruise! Stay organized, smart and have fun! Packing always symbolizes the beginning of a great adventure ahead!

Travel Safety Tips

While no one can say with certainty that any destination is 100% safe, we strongly encourage our clients to use care and common sense – no matter where they travel – to maximize their safety and security. For example:

  • Leave a copy of your itinerary and passport data page with a friend or family member back home so you can be contacted in case of an emergency.

  • Know and respect the laws in the country you are visiting. o Remain alert to your surroundings at all times. Follow your instincts and avoid any areas or situations that seem as though they could become dangerous.
  • Avoid all demonstrations, as even peaceful ones can quickly become unruly and a foreigner could become a target of harassment. If caught unexpectedly near a 4 demonstration, obey instructions from police and leave the area as quickly as possible.
  • Ask tour guides and hotel officials about any planned demonstrations in the locations they plan to visit.
  • Do not display expensive looking jewelry, large amounts of money or other valuable items. Also, do not leave luggage unattended in public areas and do not accept packages from strangers.
  • Check with your cell phone provider prior to departure to see if your phone is capable of roaming on GSM or 3G/4G international networks.
  • Check your medical insurance coverage to make sure it applies overseas. If it doesn’t, consider buying travel insurance that covers overseas medical attention and medical evacuation.
  • Do not display large amounts of money. Place small amounts in different pockets to assist with this or use credit cards or travelers’ checks.
  • Make copies of your credit cards front and back and place them in a secured place for your records (room safe). This can be very useful if you need to report a lost or stolen card.
  • If you see something suspicious, call 911 immediately. When you return to your hotel, use the main entrance especially in the evening.
  • Be wary of solicitors. Use reputable places of business for all your entertainment transactions.
  • Travel in pairs or groups if possible.
  • Always have a meeting place for the kids to meet you if they get lost.
  • Small children should have their name and phone number placed on their clothes label or the inside of a shoe flap with a permanent marker in case they are lost.
  • Small children should always be led by the hand when crossing the road or near busy streets.
  • Teach your kids your name, house phone and cell phone number.
  • Use the sidewalk and pedestrian crossings.

Alaska Cruise – Princess Cruise Line

A cruise vacation is an adventure to remember. A cruise allows you to travel in luxury and relaxation as you see new parts of the world! Princess Cruise Line is a leader in the cruise line industry for outstanding quality and value.

Princess Cruise Line offers a wonderful itinerary for Alaskan Cruises. The cruise portion of your journey allows you to take in the grandeur and beauty of the State’s natural wonders while traveling in comfort and style.

What sets Princess Cruise Line apart from other cruise lines is their amazing port excursion offerings. These excursions allow you to take in the lifestyle of Alaska through experiencing the local cuisine, touring with the locals, and getting up close to Alaska’s amazing wildlife.

Princess’s moto is “Come back new.” Travel allows us time to reflect, relax and grow through new cultures and experiences. By taking a Princess Cruise adventure you and your family are sure to come back refreshed and new!

Contact your Must Love Travel agent today to find a sailing that fits what your looking for in an Alaskan Princess Cruise.

Sandals Resorts

When you are looking for the ultimate Caribbean getaway, look no further than a Sandals Resort!  It is an authentic Caribbean experience.  There are no hidden fees at a Sandals Resort.  When they say all-inclusive that is exactly what they mean.  Let me go over some of the things you can experience at a Sandals Resort.

All activities are included! Sandals has the largest private fleet of boats in the Caribbean which can take you on many boating adventures.  Certified divers can dive for free everyday. Also enjoy snorkeling, fishing or paddle boarding.

There are many opportunities for fun on the land.  Sandals has wonderful fitness centers, tennis facilities and for the golf lover there is unlimited golf included.  There are also private off shore island excursions at no extra cost where you can relax or play in a beautiful paradise retreat. If you are looking for a destination wedding look no further.  Sandals has what you are looking for in a beautiful romantic wedding.

Sandals boosts 16 restaurants per resort!  You can dine wherever and whenever you want at no extra cost.  Unlike other resorts there are no seating times.  You can eat whenever you wish and also all drinks are included 24-7.

So if you are looking for a relaxing Island vacation consider Sandals Resorts for you next getaway.  Contact your Must Love Travel Agent today for a quote and to find out more about the incredible value you receive by staying at a Sandals Resort!