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Must Love Travel 

Welcome to Must Love Travel, along with our sister company, Kingdom Magic Vacations, we offer travelers the opportunity to work with a professional travel planner to explore whatever destination they are looking to travel. For over 20 years we have specialized in Disney Destinations, Cruises, All Inclusive Destinations, Weddings and Honeymoons.

We believe that every trip includes amazing moments, thus our tagline is #MustLoveTravelMoments. A moment can be the day you have selected your location and placed a deposit on your dream trip, or the first time you have boarded a plane with your family, or set your sights on Cinderella Castle, or stepped on foreign ground. It can be just about anything, but the moments you will have will be memories lasting a lifetime. OUR MISSION is to help you discover those moments and provide you with exceptional service. We believe that integrity is the foundation of our company and for building relationships with our clients, and suppliers.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured:

Must Love Travel and Kingdom Magic Vacations have been properly insured and Licensed.

About Our Personal Travel Planners

Our travel planners are men and women who have a passion for people and travel. We believe our planners have an excellent opportunity to work from home, create amazing vacations and also have plenty of time with their family and friends. They create their own hours, have their own dress code, and their lunch room is right in their own kitchen! Most importantly they have time for connecting with people that want to travel. In addition, our planners are educated on the various products we sell, travel themselves and get together once a year at our Annual Must Love Travel Planner Event. We meet weekly for in house training, and share a cup of coffee on our monthly Saturday morning virtual Coffee Chats. It is a great time to exchange ideas and learn about ways to improve marketing techniques and more! Learn more about our travel planners Click here

What is a Must Love Travel Personal Travel Planner?

A Must Love Travel Planner is more than just a “travel agent”, they are your connection to the world. With years of travel experience, training and passion, your travel planner can help you experience the smells, tastes and adventure at destinations you and your family will never forget. Our Travel Planners are not like the guy next door, they don’t just take the order, they take the time to know you and what you can expect from your travel moments. Planning with us is personal, professional and purposeful. #MustLoveTravelPlanners


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