It’s Been a While

Hello Globetrotters,

Rick Howard here, your trusty travel guide and curator of adventure at Must Love Travel, LLC. It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to share my journeys and gathered stories from the trails less traveled. I’m thrilled to be back, tapping my keyboard to the rhythm of an unpacked suitcase!

So much has happened since we last connected through this space. The world has spun new tales, landscapes have shifted, and new roads have opened up, beckoning with the promise of fresh adventures. I’ve missed these conversations with you, our vibrant community of voyageurs and dreamers, thirsting for the next great discovery.

In my time away from the blog, I’ve been collecting gems—not the kind you tuck into a pocket, but experiences that have deepened my appreciation for the vast, beautiful world we share. I’ve voyaged across luminous seas, wandered through echoing alleyways, and savored the spices that only a wanderer knows. And, I’m excited to bring these stories and insights back to you.
Here’s what you can expect as we restart this journey together:

  • New Adventures: From the chill Arctic winds to the warm embraces of the Mediterranean sun, I’ll take you on a journey to corners both famed and hidden.
  • Insider Peeks: Tips, hacks, and truths I’ve gathered from my unwritten maps, tailored to make your travel experiences richer and smoother.
  • Interactive Dialogues: More than just sharing, I want to engage with your thoughts, hear your stories, and maybe solve a travel mystery or two together!

This blog is our shared compass, a place of gathering around the warmth of narratives that inspire us to pack lightly and travel heavily—in experiences and memories.

So, welcome back my fellow wanderers! Dust off your passports, lace up your most comfortable shoes, and let’s set forth into this grand world with curiosity as our guide.
Yours in endless adventure,

Rick Howard ✨

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