Wilderness Lodge: Geyser Point Bar & Grill

Geyser Point Bar & Grill, located at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort, is one of my favorite spots in all of Walt Disney World. Sitting right at the edge of Bay Lake, you can sit pretty much anywhere and have a beautiful view. The breeze is always comfortable, even on the hottest of days (and yes, I’ve sat at this bar at the end of August).

The cast members who work at Geyser Point have been working here for a long time and they love to talk about the history and recent renovations at Wilderness Lodge. They are also super knowledgeable about the beer, wine and liquor selections that come from the pacific northwest. I recently discovered a new gin from Canada called Aviation that I am now completely obsessed with.

The food is great. Small plates, burgers, salads and sandwiches make up most of the menu. It’s not a huge menu, but you are sure to find something delicious. I love the waffle fries, they’re super crispy!

Located right next to the bar, you’ll find some covered, outdoor activities for the kids to play and goof around while you enjoy yourself for a few drinks. The Movies under the Stars location is also pretty close.

My most favorite thing to do at Geyser Point (besides drink my new favorite gin), is to watch the Electric Water Pageant. The show happens right next to the bar!

Geyser Point is definitely a hidden gem, and once you experience it you’ll be sure to come back again!

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