Why I bought the less expensive suitcase

Yes, that’s right…I’m about to convince you to buy the less expensive suitcase. Actually, I’m not going to try to convince you to buy any particular suitcase. I’m just going to explain what sort of questions you need to ask yourself in order to make the best decision for you.

A good suitcase will make your travel days seem seamless. A bad suitcase will cause a lot of stress, sweat and swearing. So it’s important to understand the different types, and which is best for you.


Bigger isn’t always better. The bigger the suitcase, the heavier it will be. You’ll most likely have to check a large suitcase, and it will need to be 50 pounds or less. But, the thing about those huge suitcases, is that they fit a whole lot more than 50 pounds. You’ll need to either be very mindful when packing, or invest in a small digital luggage scale to easily weigh your bags to make sure they are underweight. Or, be prepared to pay oversized baggage fees.

On the flip side, if a suitcase is too small, it’s useless. Remember – and this is crazy true – you always come home from vacation with more stuff than you originally brought with you! So be prepared for that!

Hard vs. Soft Shelled

This is where I messed up! I always had this idea that hard-shelled bags were just “better”. So we bought a whole 3-piece set of hard-shelled luggage, and guess what….my wife LOVES it, she feels that her stuff is just better protected. And I HATED it, I found it too clunky. So after recently investing in the 3-piece hard-shelled set, I decided that I would only replace my carry-on sized suitcase, since I use that size the most with my work trips.


Super important are the WHEELS! You want to make sure that the wheels on your suitcase spin all the way around. Simply being able to drag a suitcase behind you is a thing of the past. Now your suitcase should practically walk with you.


It would be great to always say “You get what you pay for” and encourage you to buy the most expensive luggage set on the market. But for most of us, we need to find ways to save money. I mean, would you rather put that money towards your suitcase, or your plane ticket? Right?! So here is my advice….get a good, reliable brand. Don’t worry as much about the price tag, as long as there is a good return policy. You can find some great, reliable luggage at your local Department Stores or on plenty of online sites (you know, Amazon and similar).

#TravelOften, friends!

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