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Now is the time to plan your Holiday 2018 Vacation!

As most of you read this today, you are in the the middle of the busiest holiday season of the year! Christmas and New Years. If you aren’t one of those people that like to vacation for the holiday’s I would like to propose the idea for 2018! You may be in the heat of the holiday and are asking yourself why I would suggest that vacation during the holiday next year. That is a great question! Let me see if I could shed some light for you weary of the thought.

A holiday vacation can relieve stress. Yes, I said relieve stress! Your planning is done in advance and it won’t be necessary for any last minute decisions. Your travel planner will help select the best location and you block the time and set it up and that easily your holiday plans are in motion!

Your Holiday budget! Your can budget more effectively as the expense on your trip can spread throughout the year by making payments along the way. Then your trip is paid off and with the exception of a few incidentals, you are paid up and ready to enjoy! You may even eliminate a few of those extra last minute expenses we find ourselves with close to the holidays.

Spending more quality time together is a great family advantage. Whether you choose to travel with your immediate family or extended family not worrying about all the preparation at home and who is hosting this year – you can all enjoy the relaxation and no one will have to do dishes!

Discover cultural traditions. Is your family heritage from Germany? Wouldn’t it be great to head to Munich and walk through the Marienplatz and drink mulled wine and check out the Christmas Market place, or are the kids young and dream of seeing Mickey and Minnie? Try the Very Merrytime Disney Cruise. This is great trip for Multi-generational travel. Or maybe you just want to check out holiday in the sun! Travel to the islands or Mexico and soak it all in!

Christmas is everywhere, from Finland, to Mexico, Orlando to England. You can go cold or warm, the traditions of Christmas can be yours to explore, while you create new memories and possibly a tradition or two of your own!