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Sneaking Selfies in Key West

On a recent cruise, I was so excited to spend a port day in Key West, Florida. We took the pretty walk from the ship to breakfast, and then a bunch of us walked to the “Southernmost point of the US”. I’ve been to Key West before, but we’d never hit this landmark.

When I got there, there was a loooooong line of people waiting to take a picture. You know, that famous shot standing next to the giant buoy. I mean, I was happy to be there, it was a beautiful day, I was with all my Travel Agent buddies. But I did not want to stand in a long line just to take a picture.

While we were all standing around, and a few of my friends got in line, I sat down on a bench and realized that if I timed it just right, between tourists, I could totally steal a selfie with the buoy. I seriously felt so freakin’ smart! My friends all ran over to steal selfies, too. We finished up, and walked back into town.

You don’t always have to wait in long lines to make a memory. #traveloften

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